1930 Model A Huckster

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Our History
This 1930 model A was purchased by Gary Bergenske in 1998.  At the time he bought it she was in bad shape.  The truck had not been started in over 11 years and had to be towed in to begin work on it.  Originally it was a four door sedan, but as the story goes from the previous owner, during the war years, when trucks were scarce, someone cut the back end of the car off and made a pick up truck out of it.  It was a sight for sore eyes the day it was purchased by Bergenske.  Everyone teased him that he had gone into the junk business and bought old Jed Clampets car from the Beverly Hillbillies Show.

Gary Bergenske and his son Jason with the help of many others stripped this car down to the frame.  They decided they wanted to make a wooden Huckster out of the car, and the work began.  The solid oak wooden huckster turned out to be a beauty, and now sports the name of J & J Metro Moving company on its side.

The numbers match, the old truck still has the original motor in it, and it runs like a dream.  Many hours were spent redoing this truck, and it should last for many years to come.  It becomes very colorful during the holiday season when it is loaded up with colorfully wrapped Christmas presents.

Model A History
The year was 1926.  Henry Ford's "Tin Lizzie" was getting old. It had been produced since Oct. 1st 1908. There had been very few major changes to the car even though it did look quite different. With his son Edsel pushing to move past the Model T and design and build a "new ford" the order was finally given on July 20th, 1926 to start work on a new ford, the "Model A", although that name had not been picked yet!.

 Henry made the last of the Model T's on May 26th, 1927. It was car No. 15,000,000. It is said Henry spent $100,000,000 (Yes, 100 Million Dollars!) on the new car design and for retooling of the Rouge plant to build the new Model A. Quite a sum in the 1920's! The car contained over 6800 parts whereas the Model T only contained about 5000. Model A No. 1 rolled off the production line on Oct. 20th, 1927 but the public! didn't see the car until Dec. 2nd, 1927. Unlike the Model T, the new ford came in seven body styles and an amazing four colors!

The Engine was an L-head 4-cylinder, 'cast en bloc' type. It had a 3-7/8" X 4-1/4" bore and stroke with a displacement of 200.5 cubic inches. SAE horsepower of 24.03 with brake horsepower rated at 40 at 2200 rpm. Typical gas mileage was between 20 and 30 mpg using a Zenith one barrel carburetor. It's 103.5" wheelbase rode on 4.50 x 21" tires with a gear ratio of 3.77:1. The transmission was a 3 speed sliding gear unit with 1 speed reverse. The Model A had 4 wheel mechanical brakes and Houdaille, double action hydraulic shock absorbers with semi- elliptic front and rear transverse springs.

Top Speed was around 65 mph. Standard equipment on all Models included a Starter, Five Steel Spoke Wheels, Dash light, Mirror, Windshield Wiper, Oil Gauge, Gasoline Gauge, Rear and Stop Light, Speedometer, Tools and Pressure Grease Gun Lubrication. The "Model A" Tool kit included with each car had the following items: Adjustable wrench, 2 open end wrenches, 2 tire irons, jack, pliers, screwdriver, tire pump, grease gun, combination spark plug wrench and head bolt wrench and Instruction book which all fit into Snap Pouch. As for price.

The new Model A Tudor Sedan sold for $495.00 with the Fordor bringing $570.00 F.O.B. Detroit. For $385.00 you could get a Roadster and $395.00 would get you a beautiful Phaeton. At $495.00, the new Ford Coupe was nice but for $550.00 the Sport Coupe with a standard Rumble Seat was a hot seller.


Cost new   $570.00
Engine   4 Cylinder
Transmission   Manual 3 Speed
Carburetor   Zenith - Down Draft
Cowl Lights   2
Spare Tire   1
Tire Size   16"
Miles   27,290
Model   Huckster
Truck Bed   Solid Oak
Top   Vinyl
Bumpers   Chrome
Electrical   6 Volt