1934 Mercedes 500K Replica

 Our History
Gary Bergenske bought this classic automobile on May 2nd, 2001.  At the time of purchase the car had 14,600 miles on it.  The car is a Replica of the 1934 Mercedes 500K.  An original of this car sells for around 3 million dollars.  This one is made by Classic Roadster Replica cars and is built on a Mustang II frame.  The car has been used in various parades and always is a real attention attracter.  The car is quite quick as it has a Ford 302 engine in it, and has a great sound with its dual exhaust.  It is in near perfect shape and is wonderful fun to drive.

Mercedes 500K History
Definitely one of the most desirable masterpieces in pre-war period. This car foresaw the trend of
Mercedes-Benz, that is, incomparable build quality and elegance of design. Both 500K and 540K were not serious sports cars, unlike the SSK. Although the supercharged engines still developed remarkable 160 and 180 hp respectively, excessive weight of over 2 tons limited their performance. In fact, they were real Grand Tourer. Quality, elegance and comfort were their biggest concern. Today, after 60 years, while Alfa Romeo and Bugatti are causing so much headache to the restorers, Mercedes 500K/540K is proved to be the most durable pre-war car.

This 1934 Mercedes Marlene replicar is beautifully done, and an attention getter whenever it is on the road.  Powered by a very peppy V8, 302 cubic inch Ford engine, automatic tranmission,  Burlwood dash w/glovebox, Classic guages, trumpet horns, roll up windows, stereo with CD, tinted windows, black nylon top, supercharger dual pipes, bumper uprights, badge bar, and engine dress up kit.  The cars measurements are as follows, 2200 lbs, 174" long, 65" wide, 51" high, 5.5" road clearance, 9 cu. ft. locking trunk, 108" wheelbase.  It was manufactured by Classic Roadsters, in Fargo North Dakota in 1992 and currently has 14,000 miles.

Real 500K Mercedes are in the millions. An unrestored one was sold at an Amelia Island auction for 2.5 million dollors.  They are considered by many because of it's styling and power to be one of the best automobiles in history.

Mercedes 500K Replica Specifications

Engine Ford V-8  302
Transmission   Ford Automatic
Suspension   Built on a Ford Mustang II
Interior   Two seater, bucket seats
Body   White fiberglass
Built by   Classic Roadster Company "Marlene Model"
Radio   AM / FM / CD
Fuel tank   10 gallons
Cost new   $38,000.00