1967 Oldsmobile Toronado

Our History
I found this 1967 Oldsmobile Toronado on June 6th, 2000 in Apopka, Florida.  I just had to have it.  When I was 16 years old my Dad had just bought one of  these brand new, a pretty blue one.  It was that car that I learned how to drive in, and have had a special attachment to them every since.  I went to my first homecoming dance in that car, and still can not believe my Dad let me use it for the night.

My dad's Oldsmobile Toronado in the year 1967

Since I have had this one, it has had engine and body work done, and a complete new interior.  This car for 35 years old drives like a dream, it just floats down the road and has extra power to spare with it's big 425 cubic inch engine.  Every where you drive it you get lots of looks and questions. I have had the car over two years now, and to my amazement have not seen one other 1967 Toronado on the road.  Guess they are getting to be rare out there, all the more reason to love it.

Toronado History
The '67 Toronado was the second year for the Toronado and was built in Lansing Michigan The '67 featured a softer suspension and minor styling modifications Identifying a '67 Toronado

In 1966 Oldsmobile introduced the front-wheel drive Toronado, the first Front Wheel Drive car to be built and sold in the U.S. since the 1930s. (The last one was the Cord)  The 1966 Toronado was voted the car of the year by Motor Trend.  In 1967 the body style stayed nearly the same, and the ride became even better. This was truly one of the first elegant sports cars.  It had luxury styling and interior, with a huge 425 cubic inch engine with tremendous torque and speed.  The car was built to hold five people comfortably, and had the feel of a sports car. Sales soared for Oldsmobile, and today many of the cars are front wheel drive.

The '67 Toronado was a truly massive coupe shell, nearly 19 feet long.  It was a real super car with its advanced front wheel drive design. It was extremely fast and nimble and had a top speed of approximately 130 mph.  The new cost for a Deluxe version of this car was $4812.00 and was a very good value.  It has been considered a landmark creation.


Grill has eggcrate texture .
Retracting headlights are flush without eyebrow simulated scoops above
Parking lights in front bumper.
OLDSMOBILE in block lettering on hood with a rocket above
Bumper has wide opening in center
Toronado script added to drivers side grill Wipers visible from front

Eggcrate pattern on taillights.
Rear bumper is notched for exhaust tips.
Backup lights in rear bumper.
Toronado script on Right side
Gas filler behind license plate.

Fastback roofline. with optional vinyl top
Toronado script between front wheels and bumper on front fender.
Slotted wheels either Chrome, painted silver or black with full wheel covers
Oldsmobile spelled out on small hubcap
Full wheel covers available

Instrument panel cantilevered over steering wheel, had drum speedometer, fuel, amp and temp gauges.
seats have a biscuit pattern. cloth and vinyl or all vinyl seating surfaces available
All models Toronados have black steering wheels, tilt telescope available
Instrument panel has black wrinkle finish with brushed trim panels
Dashboard has sharp sculptured edges.
Ashtray receptacles in armrests in back, with front ashtray in center of dash pad
Ignition switch on instrument panel.