1968 Corvette Roadrunner

 Our History
How would you like to WIN one of the neat little blue Corvette styled go carts you have seen around.  Well, first lets step back a few years.  Let me take you back to the year 1967 when Lyndon Baines Johnson was President and Leonard K. Wright,  Jr. was Potentate.  Top songs of the year included Ode To Billy Joe, All You Need Is Love, Penny Lane, and Can't Take My Eyes Off Of  You.  The Green Bay Packers beat The Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl I, as many United States Soldiers were in Vietnam.

General Motors Chevrolet Division was ready to unveil a new design for its American sports car the Corvette.  The Corvette had been a huge success through the sixty's, and with this new sleeker, faster design it would be even better.  You may remember seeing this new Corvette either when out shopping for a car yourself, or for many of you, out with our Dad.  This car  had what every American male would want, and you just had to know that all of  the women would notice you in an automobile like this. 

When you went to the Chevy Dealer during the year 1968, most likely in the showroom would be one of the new Corvettes.  In addition to that, each Chevrolet Dealer in the United States was given one miniature go-cart styled after the Corvette.  If you were a kid during these years, and saw one of these small blue Corvettes you had to just go nuts to get one.  But, these small Corvettes were in demand, for there was only one per dealer, and it had to sit at the dealership for the entire year.  At the end of the year it would be given away.  To qualify to be in the drawing you had to have bought one of the new Corvettes during the year.  Can you imagine the excitement if
you won one of these neat little cars?

Several Shrinners got together and decided that these neat little cars would make an excellent Unit, and thus, the birth of the Roadrunners.  The original cars came with a small 3 horsepower motor.  This of coarse was not enough power for what these high-powered Nobles wanted to do. So the newly formed Roadrunners replaced them with 8 horsepower Kohler engines.  Now they had something that would move,  yep,  they would go close to 50mph, riding only three inches of the ground.  These small blue Corvette go-carts quickly became a hit at the Shrinners parades, and were unbeatable in competition.  To this day, 31 years later, they are a hit at all events they attend.

The next time you see the Roadrunners out, let your mind go back in time, and just think how excited you would have been to win one of those little blue
cars back at the end of 1968 as you listened to one of the top songs of the year,  "Mrs. Robinson" from the film the "Graduate".

This car is built on a metal framed go cart frame.  It has a Briggs and Stratton 5 horse power electric start engine with chain drive.  The body is of fiberglass, painted blue with gold lettering and decals.  This go cart is modeled after the 1968 Chevrolet Corvette and will do close to 50 mph.  These cars are used by Shriners as parade vehicles in the Orlando Florida area.